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The City of Grafton bills monthly for Electricity, Water, Sewer and Garbage/Recycling. New residents to Grafton need to fill out a service application and pay a deposit of $150. The application is available at Grafton City Hall at 109 3rd Avenue in Grafton. Questions? Call (641) 748-2970.

Grafton purchases electricity wholesale from Heartland Power Co-op and sells it to their residents. Various rebates are offered to our residents. Rebate forms can be picked up at city hall.

Grafton contracts with Absolute Waste for garbage and recycling.Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday and Garbage is picked up every Wednesday. Inquire at city hall for the 3 garbage options available. If you decide on the "sticker" option, stickers can be purchased at Grafton City Hall or Grafton J Mart grocery store.

Residents have their own LP tanks.

Telephone, Internet, Cable TV
Excellent service is provided by WCTA (Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association). Call them at (800) 592-6105 or visit their website,
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